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Cén Scéal?

(IMS) 2009-04-04
Dictionary searches, and other site features, are currently unavailable due to hosting changes.
(IMS) What's New?
Nothing.... 8-(
Since ceantar.org is a free-time activity, and there's been precious little of that these days, everything on the site (with the possible exception of the searchable dictionaries should be considered way out of date.

Places to Go

An Teanga Mharthanach
A listing of Irish classes around the world.
Info on books, newspapers and other publications.
Pointers to classes in the Gaelics.
Computer-related Info
Mailing lists, software, &c.
Gaelic in the Bay Area
Gaelic language activities around the San Francisco Bay Area.
Gaelic Languages Organizations
A list of organizations of interest to learners and speakers of the Gaelics.
Online Dictionaries
Searchable dictionaries for all the Gaelics.
Online Lessons
Lessons and explanations online.
Other Sites
Other Web sites of interest.
Real Places to Go
Planning your next vacation?
Teachers Info
Info for teachers and researchers of the various languages.