clár is a program that prints out tables of inflections for Irish words.

clár accepts the following forms of input:

New: the words may be given in their dictionary or mutated form (both 'an bean', and 'an bhean' will work fine, though it still must be the common singular for nouns, and the second imperative for verbs). You may use the slash for síneadh fada convention ('mo/r' for 'mór').

Also, anywhere you can put a noun, you can preceed it with the singular article (an), and anywhere you can put a verb you can preceed it with a particle (an, ní, etc.).

Click here to see a sample printout.

Enter the word or words to display:    


If the word is a Verb, you may set one of the following options (the other three should say "Default"):
Show all forms: (ex: show every form that bris can take.)
Tense: (ex: show déan in the present tense only)
Person: (ex: show bí + mé and bí + sinn for all tenses)
Number: (ex: show ith + mé, ith + tú and ith + sé/sí)

Language of the search words Dialect (if the search word language is Irish) Language for informational messages