# Résumé for John T. McCranie

John T. McCranie
P.O. Box 221
Startup, WA


A software development position, in Scientific or Educational Support, Internet/Intranet Applications Development, Website Development, or related areas, in a stimulating environment emphasizing creativity and quality.


Unix Alpha & DECstation (Ultrix), Linux, Masscomp, NeXT, Sun (Solaris, SunOS), RS/6000 (AIX), NetBSD, FreeBSD, &c.
VAX/VMS VAX 8800, 11/750 and 11/780; VAXstation
Supercomputers Cray X-MP/48
Micros Amiga, Macintosh, Windows NT / XP

Programming Languages

Object Oriented C++, Perl, Java, Ada
High-Level C, FORTRAN, Pascal, BASIC
Low-Level Assembly (Motorola 680x0 and VAX MACRO), BCPL
AI Lisp, Prolog
Scripting Perl, Tcl/Tk, sh/csh/ksh/bash, sed, AWK, &c.
Databases SQL, Oracle, Pro*C, pl/SQL, Sybase, mSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, pl/pgSQL, Berkeley DB SQL Server
Web CGI, Javascript, HTML::Mason / PHP / ASP, HTML / XML, XHTML, Apache / Netscape httpd / IIS
Misc. TeX, MetaFont, Lex, YACC, RCS / CVS / Perforce / Source Depot / Subversion

Employment History

Database Developer McGraw-Hill Learning Group 08/Aug/2005 - Present
Application schema design, Oracle pl/SQL development and data import/processing support.
Software Developer (Contract) Butler Hill Group 2003 - 2005
Contracted through Butler Hill to the Natural Language Processing Group, Microsoft Research for two consecutive contracts. Wide variety of programming projects for the support of linguistics researchers, software builds and data management. Most recent large project was an easily extended data cleaning system, for extracting multi-lingual parallel data from various sources and filtering it according to changing end-user requirements (approx 10k lines of Perl libraries, test suites and programs).
Post-Startup Sabbatical 2002 - 2003
Preparations for Aikido blackbelt testing, intensive music lessons, travel, and personal software projects (including an image storage and classification system, and a linguistics-based document search sytem).
Software Development Engineer Amazon.com 1997 - 2002
As part of the Catalog Systems team, worked to gather and process data on millions of products from a large variety of sources to inform customers and support internal operations. Designed and implemented a large distributed client-server system to deliver catalog data to the live retail and auction sites, as well as internal users. Developed generic XML-based catalog description, suitable for both existing and future product lines, along with associated tools for integrating with and converting from existing disparate systems. Developed flexible testing class framework for validation and performance tracking. Gathered requirements, designed, implemented, modified and provided user support for tools used to integrate and manipulate product data from external vendors. Conducted design and code reviews, candidate interviews and technology overview sessions.
Software Engineer CNET, The Computer Network 1996 - 1997
Worked with the business, editorial and production departments to develop the requirements, wrote the technical design, implemented, maintained and operated the dynamic, data-driven CNET site SEARCH.COM. Used a wide variety of tools (SQL, Perl, Tcl, Apptivity, Java, Javascript, Storyserver, &c.) on that and other projects, developing multi-tiered database applications for content management, server log analysis and tracking tools, and site validation tools.
Lab Manager Computer Science Department, San Francisco State University 1994 - 1996
Oversaw daily operations of four university computer labs, including: fund allocation, volunteer and paid staff management, equipment maintenance (NeXTs, Macs, IBM PCs and peripherals), network and system administration, and inter-departmental coordination.
Software Engineer GeoQuest Data Management, a division of Schlumberger 1991 - 1994
Developed and implemented applications for large geographic mapping and database system. Ported the million lines of code product (C, Pro*C, FORTRAN and shell scripts) between various Unix systems, and developed company-wide coding standards.
Student Consultant Academic Computing, University of Alaska, Fairbanks 1990 - 1991
Assisted users of the University VAX system, including account creation and maintenance, conducting user training classes on programming, Internet usage, &c., and faculty/staff consultation.
Student Assistant Alaska Data Visualization and Analysis Lab 1989 - 1990
Assisted the system manager as needed, including: demos of system capabilities, general VAX system management and operation, lab organization, programming and remote sensing applications (including tracking the Exxon Valdez oil spill).
Consultant Geophysical Institute, UAF 1988 - 1991
Position created at the request of primary researcher, to continue on after the termination of a National Science Foundation internship program. Work done on an as needed basis, generally the maintenance and extension of software written earlier during the internship, for acquisition & analysis of paleomagnetic and gravitational data.

Non-Commercial Projects

A site collecting information regarding the Celtic languages, and especially geared toward second language learners. Currently mostly static pages, with some local dictionary search capabilities. Implementation of new site version design is underway, driven by an extensive database of relations between items of interest (classes, events, books, radio shows &c.) and personalization based on user preferences. Includes automated link checking and archiving, support for DB storage of derived objects, standardized object to XML/HTML representations, multilingual support. Utilizes: mysql, object-oriented Perl, Apache, Linux.


San Francisco State University
Graduate Studies, Computer Science and Linguistics
University of Alaska, Fairbanks
B.S. Computer Science


Available upon request.

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