# Site Key


Key to the colors and languages
(S)Scottish Gaelic (IMS)All the Gaelics
(I)Irish (Other)Other Celtic languages
(M)Manx (N/A)Not language related

These "gem" dots seem more common on European sites than American ones, but I think they're great. I first saw the green ones on one of the Everson Gunn Teo. pages.


Most of the Irish and Scottish Gaelic seanfhocail (proverbs) that appear on the first page are from the collection by Damian Lyons. A few others are from various postings to GAELIC-L. The Manx ones are from Phil Kelly. If you have any you'd like to add to the list, please send 'em to me.

Email Updates

You can use the URL-minder to automatically send you an email message when a certain page has changed. Most pages have a link that will allow you to register them directly. The home page changes every time it is viewed, so it no longer makes sense to have it watched by the minder.

The Cookie List

The following people were the first to point out a bug in one of the programs or an error on one of the pages, or to suggested something relevant that was then added, and have thus been awarded one (at least) of John's Infamous Chocolate Chip Cookies (not trademarked, patent not pending). Cookies are available on demand (once I have time to bake 'em), but must be picked up in Seattle. And yes, I've (pretty much) stopped putting chili powder in 'em....
Luke Kane, 29/Jan/98
Reminded me about Daltaí na Gaeilge .
John Mullen, 29/Jan/98
Pointed out that The Yamada Web Guide to Gaeilge (Irish Gaelic) had links to the old site.
Michael Doyle, 28/Jan/98
Pointed out a typo on the front page!
Trueman Matheson, 14/Apr/97
Provided info about Còmhairle na Gàidhlig.
Denise Goulter, 11/Apr/97
Provided info about Highland Games.
Séamas N., 4/Apr/97
Noted the error on page 103 of TYI.
Dr. David P. Barnwell, 24/Mar/97
Pointed out that Teangeolas didn't have an entry of its own.
Lisa J. Marussi, 20/Mar/97
Pointed out that Clár assumes you mean the verb tar instead of the preposition thar when you enter thar and have the Show all forms item set to All and not Default. This is because having All set implies that the word is a verb, and the program will try some tricks to turn it into one it recognizes....