# Personal Info file for John T. McCranie


Employment History

A detailed résumé.


I work on AMAZON.COM, and play around on CEANTAR.ORG and NAACLT.ORG.

Areas of Interest

Applications of Artificial Intelligence to Computer Aided Language Learning
Specifically, the development of a model of the language learner usable by a CALL package to provide a consistently challenging and interesting learning experience.
Computational Morphology
An ongoing project is the development of a description of the morphology of Irish usable by a computer to produce the language. Info about gramadach.a .
Celtic Linguistics

Non-academic Activities

When not in class, roaming around the computer labs, or in front of a computer terminal, I'm often:

Address:   John T. McCranie
           1516 2nd Ave.
           Seattle, WA 98101
Email: jtm@ceantar.org

John T. McCranie jtm@ceantar.org