# Leabhair agus Foilseacháin
Books and Publications

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Leabhair / Books

(IMS) Siopaí Leabhair
Here are a couple of lists of bookstores that regularly stock books in the Gaelics and do mail order (please let me know of others, especially in other countries!). This started out as just of list of stores for Irish, but has grown beyond those bounds.
(I) Book/Tape (or CD) Sets
A list of books (all Irish so far) that have an accompanying tape or CD of the material.
(I) Leabhair as Gaeilge
A list of books in or about Irish published between 1980 and 1995.
(IMS) Online Dictionaries
Online dictionaries for all the Gaelics.
(I) Errata
Errata lists for some of the books popular amongst learners.

Nuachtáin / Newspapers

(I) Irisí na Gaeilge
Here is a listing of some Irish language newspapers.
(S) Am Bràige
A beautiful bilingual (Scottish Gaelic/English) newspaper.

Nuachtáin ar an nGréasán / Online Newspapers

(I) Foinse
The Irish language weekly.
(I) Andersonstown News
An Irish language feature most weeks.
(I) An Teanga Beo
The weekly Irish language section of The Irish Times on the Web.
(I) The Irish News
Irish language feature on Tuesdays.

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